30 years of experience

I grew up with GCP (Good Clinical Practice). It was and it is my mission to provide high quality services to my clients.

By virtue of hundreds of clinical trials, I have developed expertise in the following indications, and with the following pharmaceutical agents and medical devices:



  • Neurology (multiple sclerosis, Mb. Parkinson)
  • Dental medicine (implants, bone substitute materials, caries prophylaxis)
  • Immunology and transplantation (immunosuppression, Azathioprin, Tacrolimus)
  • Respiratory tract infections (antibiotics, secretolytics)
  • Blood products (immunoglobulines, factor IX, cytokines, EPO)
  • Dermatology (actinic ceratosis, atopic eczema)
  • Rheumatology and pain (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents)
  • Oncology (Gemcitabin, Docetaxel, Irinotecan, anticoagulants, therapy of anemia)
  • Circulation (beta-blockers, calcium antagonists, ACE-inhibitors)
  • Wound healing (hydrocolloid dressings)
  • Nephrology (dialysis, phosphate binders, Alfacalcidol)